(VIDEO) Shadow Munich Security Conference: The truth emerges from the shadow

16 February 2020|Shadow Munich Security Conference

A marathon evening of visions, analyses, explanations, performative contributions and discussions, simultaneously and in response to the Munich Security Conference.

Every year in February, Munich transforms into a stage for world politics during the Munich Security Conference (MSC). A stage is given to political leaders to share their visions on security, safety and global order, 800 meters away from the Münchner Kammerspiele. The MSC, a supposedly “neutral” platform, is a forum for debate for some of the most powerful people in the world. Over 4,000 police officers, hundreds of police cars and countless barriers dominate public space for a few days in order for this to happen. Deals are made behind closed doors and hardly any space for public debate or exchange is accommodated.This spectacle of power demands a counter-proposal.

On Saturday the 15th February 2020 an alternative conference was held, with speakers and performers who made a collective plea for interdependency. Together they imagine what our world could look like if radically different people, with radically different ideas, are in charge of our security.

The full video broadcast is available to view below or at this link here.

********************Key Time Codes In The Video********************

1) Lara Staal introduces Shadow Munich Conference (IN ENGLISH) – 00:07

2) Necati Öziri (IN GERMAN) – 11:53

3) How to Be Many in an Age of Authoritarianism?

Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Nandini Sundar, Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain, Moderated by Radha D’Souza (IN ENGLISH) – 33:21

Linda Tuhiwai Smith – 37:11

Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain – 46:03

Nandini Sundar – 57:51

Further discussion post-presentations – 1:06:38

Radha D’Souza: Post-discussion concluding thoughts – 1:14:55

4) Hengameh Yaghoobifarah (IN GERMAN)   1:16:03

5) The Terror of Surveillance and Militarisation

Erella Grassiani, Younes Saramifar, Moderated by Radha D’Souza (IN ENGLISH) – 1:27:13 

Erella Grassiani – 1:32:47

Younes Saramifar – 1:41:02

Further discussion post-presentations – 1:47:49

Radha D’Souza: Post-discussion concluding thoughts – 2:17:06

6) Mateja Meded (IN GERMAN) – 2:21:39

7) One upon a time in the little city (IN ENGLISH) 2:39:30(SOUND BECOMES CLEARER FROM 02:40:30)

8) Know your ethics

Sean Peters (IN ENGLISH) – 2:50:59

VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGN (still part of Sean Peters’s presentation) – 2:59:30

9) The Climates of Catastrophe

Luisa Neubauer, Bruno Rodríguez, Beatrice Rukanyanga, Moderated by Radha D’Souza (IN ENGLSH) – 3:11:38

Luisa Neubauer: 3:19:20

Bruno Rodríguez: 3:27:29

Beatrice Rukanyanga: 3:32:38

Further discussion post-presentations: 3:44:40

10) Final thoughts, and Poem

Anissa Boujdaini, Radha D’Souza (IN ENGLISH) – 3:53:26

POEM READ BY Anissa Boujdaini (IN ENGLISH) – 3:57:56

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PIK Statement: After 21 years, time to free Ocalan and grasp the peace

15 February 2020|Peace in Kurdistan

Statement marking the 21st anniversary since Ocalan’s abduction in Nairobi, 15th February 1999, by Turkish MIT agents supported by the CIA.

It is difficult to believe that it is now more than two decades since Abdullah Ocalan, the leader and founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, lost his freedom. It is a reality difficult to accept because Abdullah Ocalan remains a shaping influence on the current politics of the Kurdish movement in Turkey and throughout the region. His influence has achieved a permanency as a result of the power of his ideas and the loyalty of his people. The Kurdish people and supporters worldwide were outraged as much as they were dismayed by the brutal and conspiratorial manner of Ocalan’s apprehension in a coordinated multi-state operation involving security services working across continents. He was taken to Turkey from Kenya after having his movements tracked half-way around the world. He was delivered to Turkey trussed up and supposedly humiliated like a trophy for the satisfaction of the victors and their clamouring populous.

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(VIDEO) Lindsey German Speaks About Co-founding Stop the War Coalition, the Iinvasion of Iraq, and Turkish State Repression

9 November 2019|Lindsey German and Alaettin Sinayic

Convening Chair of Stop the War Coalition Lindsey German sat down with Kurdish journalist Alaettin Sinayic to discuss  the founding of the StWC, the illegal invasion of Iraq, and the policies of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They also discuss the potential of a further conflict with NATO and Russia as a result of the Turkish invasion of Syria as well as the “NATO project” more generally and plans of future demonstrations against NATO.

(VIDEO) Dr. Thomas Jeffery Miley Discusses Turkish State Violence, Kurdish Resistance, and Democratic Confederalism

8 November 2019|Alaettin Sinayic

Cambridge University Professor and author Dr. Thomas Jeffery Miley speaks with Journalist Alaettin Sinayic about Turkish state violence, Kurdish resistance and the philosophy of “democratic confederalism” which has been adopted by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the PYD in Syria for the better part of twenty years.



  1. We will not be silenced, we will not be stopped
  2. Öcalan calls for sacrifice for unity among Kurds
  3. HDP deputies Günay and Paylan meet Mothers of Plaza de Mayo
  4. Germany sells 216 million euros of military equipment to Turkey
  5. 15th August 1984 – more than a military offensive
  6. German state’s war crimes in Kurdistan
  7. “South Kurdistan parties must not fall into Turkey’s trap”
  8. Turkey accused of extensive links to former Isis fighters

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The hunger strike is over and a new chapter in Kurdish struggle can begin

27 May 2019|Peace in Kurdistan

After 200 days, HDP MP Leyla Guven,  along with other Kurdish MPs and thousands of Kurdish prisoners in Turkey, have ended their hunger strikes in response to the breaking of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s isolation.

In ending her hunger strike, Leyla Guven, whose action in November 2018 started a mass movement, said the strike had achieve its immediate demands. She went on to declare that the struggle would continue by other means.

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Lawyers for Abdullah Öcalan publicly read his letter, following their historic meeting with the Kurdish leader.

Lawyers for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan held a press conference at the Taksim Hill Hotel in Istanbul regarding the meeting they were allowed with their client. The conference was attended by lawyers Faik Özgür Erol, Newroz Uysal and Rezan Sarıca from Asrın Law Office.

The meeting between Öcalan and his lawyers on May 2nd lasted one hour. The meeting was the first one held since 27 July 2011 when the Kurdish leader was last allowed to meet with his lawyers. Since then, lawyers for Öcalan submitted a total of 810 appeals to visit him on Imralı Island Prison.

Full text of the statement read by lawyer Newroz Uysal on Monday, with the signature of Abdullah Öcalan and three other prisoners on Imralı, is as follows;


There is a need for a deep social reconciliation in this historic process we are experiencing.

There is an urgent need for a method of democratic negotiations, far removed from any and all polarization and culture of conflict for the solution of problems.

We can solve the problems in Turkey, and even in the region, starting with the war, with soft power – with intelligence and political and cultural strength instead of tools of physical violence.

We believe that through the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), all should aim to solve the issues in Syria by refraining from conflict culture and within the perspective of local democracy guaranteed by the Constitution in the framework of Syria’s unity. As such, Turkey’s sensibilities should be minded.

With all due respect for the resistance of friends in and outside of prisons, we would like to stress that they should not take it to the level to threaten their health or result in deaths. For us, their mental, physical and spiritual health is above all. We also believe that the most meaningful approach is connected to developing a mental and spiritual stance.Our stance in Imrali is to deepen and clarify the method of expression we declared with the Newroz 2013 statement and to continue on this path.For us, a dignified peace and democratic political solution are paramount.

We commend all who were concerned and all who took a stand with respect due to our stance in Imrali, and we would like to offer our immense gratitude.


Petition for Representation at Geneva Peace Talks.

We call for the representation of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (previously Rojava) on the Geneva Peace talks

The seventh round of the Geneva Peace talks on Syria concluded in July 2017 without a resolution. This is partly due to the obduracy of Assad’s envoys who are reluctant to discuss a transitional political process and partly the inefficacy of the UN. Nonetheless this remains the only non-military option on the table and must be seriously pursued. Continue reading “Petition for Representation at Geneva Peace Talks.”

The important reports reveal destruction, damage and detentions in southeast

Today we received three important new reports about the physical destruction and humanitarian situation in North Kurdistan, the Southeast of the Republic of Turkey.

First, a new and important report of the Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region (GABB) on the damage in the cities which were faced with a curfew by the Turkish Government in the last half year. This report has been prepared by a large number of people in
different provinces.
Download the GABB Regional Damage Assessment Report

There is secondly an overview about the arrested, detained, dismissed and warrented co-mayors of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), the main member party of the HDP.
Download the GABB list of mayors dismissed, imprisoned and prosecuted since July 2015

Finally you can find a short information about the situation of the displaced people of the old city of Amed (Diyarbakir).
Download the DPP Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality