Urgent Appeal To the World’s Public Opinion and Humanitarian Organisations

The failure of the Syrian peace negotiations has led to an unprecedented escalation of violence. In addition, following the start of the 4th phase of the Wrath of the Euphrates Campaign to liberate Raqqa and its countryside, tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) have moved to the Rojava and north Syria regions, which are relatively secure and safe areas thanks to the sacrifices and heroic bravery of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). Continue reading “Urgent Appeal To the World’s Public Opinion and Humanitarian Organisations”

PYD 8th Congress held in Brussels

The Partiya Yekitîya Demokrat- Democratic Union Party (PYD) Europe Organization held its 8th Congress in Brussels on September 24-25.It was attended by a total of 700 delegates, 135 of whom were women, who came from across Europe, Scandinavian countries, Greece and Bulgaria. Attendees included PYD co-chairs Asya Abdullah and Saleh Moslem, Greek Party Syriza’s Antonios Markopoulos, HDP’s Kemal Aktaş,  and Sinn Fein’s Emma Clancy.

The following message of solidarity was delivered on behalf of Peace in Kurdistan:

Solidarity Message to Conference of PYD on 24-25 September 2016

On the occasion of its 8th Conference in Europe, Peace in Kurdistan extends its solidarity and support to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Kurdish people. Continue reading “PYD 8th Congress held in Brussels”

The Women’s Movement in Rojava

kongreya-starAugust 2016.  Kongreya Star is a confederation of women’s movements throughout the region of Rojava, a predominantly Kurdish area of northern Syria, also referred to as West-Kurdistan. While Kurds make up the majority of Rojava and most of the population is Muslim, the area is home to many different peoples, including Arabs, Assyrians and Ezidis, as well as a large Christian minority and many other smaller groups. One year after the Syrian Civil War began, Rojava declared its autonomy from both the Assad regime and the various other armed organisations active in the war.
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YCR Youth Union Rojava: Call for International Solidarity for Ocalan

Merhaba and Hello dear friends,

Here’s our call for international solidarity for Öcalan’s freedom.

We’re waiting for your support through actions, translating and

forwarding this call!

We’re also happy to get pictures and videos from your actions!

In international solidarity, serkeftin!

YCR Youth Union Rojava Continue reading “YCR Youth Union Rojava: Call for International Solidarity for Ocalan”

Rojava Weekly News Briefing 12-18th June.


1. Erdogan fears the mercenaries defeat north Syria.

2. Refugees’ suffering continue in Robar camp.

3. Turkish border guards shoot civilians on border with Syria, two killed.

4. Arab-Kurd forces cut main IS Syria-Turkey supply route.

5. Hundreds of refugees head for the liberated areas.

6. Russia shows support to Kurdish-led SDF north Syria.

7. The Exterior Body consoles the American people.

8. ISIS jihadis abduct dozens of Kurdish civilians in Syria’s Aleppo.

9. 38 mercenaries are killed, arms and ammunitions seized.

10. Muslim: residents of freed areas will decide their form of rule.

11. Syrian Kurds erect monument in memory of foreign fighters fallen in war against ISIS. Continue reading “Rojava Weekly News Briefing 12-18th June.”

Public Press Conference Overcome Sykes-Picot – Remove the Borders – Unite Kurdistan!

Public Press Conference
Overcome Sykes-Picot – Remove the Borders – Unite Kurdistan!

The 20th century was a century of war and hardship for the Kurdish people and other peoples of Kurdistan. First the Sykes-Picot Agreement (16 May 1916), and then the Treaty of Sévres (10 August 1920), and, finally the Treaty of Lausanne (24 July 1923), struck harshly at Kurdish national unity, aiming to destroy it. Kurdistan was no longer split between two parts – it was now divided into four. The establishment of a barbaric, exploitative and manipulative colonial system on the soil of Kurdistan became an imposed reality.

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Women in Rojava: Witnessing a revolution of our times

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and Women’s Alliance in cooperation with Roj Women Association and Roj Women Assembly are pleased to announce the following event

“Free women are the basis of a free society”

Women in Rojava: Witnessing a revolution of our times


Saturday, 7 May 2016, 3-6pm

SOAS Brunei Gallery Building, Room B104

 Speakers include Rahila Gupta freelance journalist and writer
Ali Kanea journalist and activist and Rohash Shexo UK Representative of Kongra Star (Star Congress) of Rojava.

Chaired by Roj Women Association
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Rojava Weekly News Briefing 16 Apr – 22 Apr 2016


1. 138 civilians killed, 912 wounded in Şêx Meqsud attacks.

2. ‘Sheikh Maksoud is not alone, we are all Sheikh Maksoud’ campaign continues.

3. Rojava Representation Office opened in Sweden.

4. Turkish soldiers kill another Rojava citizen.

5. Social Contract of Federal System is being drafted today.

6. Students in Girê Spî organize an exhibition.

7. Clashes in Qamişlo: Cezîre Canton Asayîş Forces kill 8 Syrian regime soldiers.

8. Call for medical aid for Şêx Meqsûd. Continue reading “Rojava Weekly News Briefing 16 Apr – 22 Apr 2016”

Bristol hosts event on Rojava Revolution

On 14 December, the Rojava Solidarity group in Bristol hosted an event at the Malcolm X Centre on the origins and politics of the Rojava Revolution:

“Caught between the expansionist ISIS and escalating oppression by the Turkish state is one of the largest and most interesting revolutionary struggles of our times. Rojava, comprising three regions of northern Syria, is home to 2 million people while across the border in South-Eastern Turkey an increasing number of villages and neighbourhoods are declaring themselves autonomous and committed to self defence. Within these areas is a social experiment that incorporates feminism, ecology, has survived four years of military assaults. For much of this time they have been the only successful opposition to ISIS.”

Watch the meeting below: