Conference at the EP: Yezidi Kurds and the Middle East

The Representation in Europe of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the European Yezidi Federation co-organize a conference at the European Parliament on the following subject: YEZIDI KURDS AND THE MIDDLE-EAST:CURRENT SITUATION & FUTURE PROJECTIONS

November 19th 17:00 – 19:00
Room: 4Q2 – European Parliament / Brussels
Simultaneous interpretation: English, French & German

Opening speech:
MEP Ana Gomes, S&D Group, Portugal


17:15 – 19:00

MEP Josef Weidenholzer, S&D Group in the EP, Austria

Current situation: the Yezidis From History to Present
Şefik Tagay (PhD), Chair of the Union of Yezidi Academics

Future Projections of the Yezidis for a Recognised Status
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DTK delegation reports from visit to Rojava and Kurdistan

Selma Irmak and several other DTK delegates visited towns and cities across the effected regions of South Kurdistan and Rojava in August following the massacre of Yezidi Kurds in Sinjar by ISIS mercenaries. They produced the following report, which is also available for download.




August 2014




SELMA IRMAK (Spokesperson of the Delegation)



The smallest part of Kurdistan, known to Kurds as Rojava, has gifted “Rojava Revolution” from Kobanê to all over the world on 19th July 2012. The fate of nearly three million Kurds who have been occupied by the Syrian regime has emerged as an upheaval against nation-state in which very important developments and overwhelming events were experienced, and its status quo cringed everywhere and this upheaval has become a revolution.

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An Urgent Appeal to the International Community

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has issued this appeal from the Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations, formed after a meeting on 17 August 2014 with representatives from all Kurdish parties and organisations which called for unified diplomatic action on the current crisis. The appeal calls for humanitarian aid to be sent to Rojava as well as South Kurdistan, and for the international community to recognise the Sinjar crisis as genocide.


An Urgent Appeal to the International Community

(By the Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations)

Due to the brutal ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) attacks on Kurdistan, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) sent an urgent request to the foreign offices of all the Kurdish Parties and organisations to organise joint lobbying and carry out diplomatic relations in unison.

The meeting which took place on 17/08/2014 at the Kurdistan National Congress office in Brussels hosted the representatives from foreign offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Koma Civaken Democratic – Europe (KCD), the Leftist Party of Kurdistan (Hizbi Shuhy Kurdistan), Kurdistan Islamic Union, Kurdistan Islamic Group, The Federation of Yezidi Kurds, The Union of Assyrians in Europe, Democratic Union Party (PYD), The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan, (PJAK), the representatives of the Democratic Nations Party in Europe (HDP) and the Kurdish Institute in Brussels. However, due to the short notice and emergencies a number of invited political parties could not attend the meeting, and a request was made to organise another meeting in the near future.

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KCK: “We salute our people’s resistance”

The KCK condemns the massacres in Shengal, declares those who lost their lives as martyrs, and praises all resistance forces who are struggling against ISIS:


On the 14th of August 2007, our Yazidi people in the Shiba and Shex Khidir villages of Shingal suffered a bloodthirsty massacre in which 450 of Yazidi Kurds lost their lives. We vehemently condemn the perpetrators of this massacre and remember with respect the victims of the massacre. Continue reading “KCK: “We salute our people’s resistance””


5 August, 2014

Press release: for immediate release

The EUTCC urgently calls in the strongest voice for the United Nations, USA, EU, and all regional powers who believe in the inherent rights of human beings to be free from arbitrary executions and denials of basic human rights to immediately take all necessary steps to secure Kurdish rights from the depravations of ISIS which has recently struck at the Kurds in Sinjar (Shengal) in Northern Iraq. ISIS’ attacks have led to a mass civilian displacement of about 200,000 people, mostly from the Yezidi community. The yezidis will create a huge new refugee problem and call for immediate humanitarian aid. The ISIS attacks constitute serious war crimes and even possibly genocide as defined by the Genocide Convention.

What the world is witnessing in the wake of ISIS ravages is no less than a threat against humanity and the EUTCC call upon the UN, USA and EU to act immediately – not by empty words but by their concrete actions. We also call upon Turkey to stop intervening and withdraw its support to ISIS.

Unless a stand is taken now, more and more innocents will be threatened and murdered.


Kariane Westrheim Michael Gunter
Chair of EUTCC Secretary general



Kariane Westrheim,, +47 976 42 088


PYD co-chair calls for urgent assistance from international community

Full statement below:

Appeal to International Public Opinion

The international community is aware that Middle East is exposed to a conflict between peoples demanding freedom, democracy and a dignified life on the one side and on the other side the tyranny of ISIS and terrorist gangs and the peoples’ enslavement. Thus, the Kurdish people and other peoples who live together in Rojava have become a main target of the brutal ISIS terrorist gangs including their very existence and its holy places and historical roots. Previously, this brutal force destroyed and eradicated what they could in Rojava, Mosul and Nineveh, and currently are attacking Shingal to exterminate people who stuck to their land and faith over thousands of years.

This human tragedy is taking place in front of the eyes of humanity and followed moment by moment, where civilians are beheaded, killed, displaced and so far, we have not seen any serious effort to stop this humanitarian tragedy whether to fight against these dark forces or to give aid and a helping hand to those people who are displaced from their villages and towns and from their historical homeland trying to escape the slaughter and genocide to save their lives.

We, in the democratic self –administration areas, endeavour to protect all the peoples that are exposed to extermination by defending them, we do our utmost to help and assist whether in their regions or in the areas that they are fleeing to in Rojava and we do this to defend human values ​​and human civilization.

We call on the United Nations, the European Union and all organizations and global institutions who claim to defend human values ​​and on humanitarian relief organizations all over the world to stand with us in our adversity and to provide us with all possible means of assistance and support so that we can maintain our presence and to prevent the ethnic genocide against the peoples of Mesopotamia, one of the oldest of human civilizations.

For further information please contact the administration of Al-Jazeera canton:

Mr. Akram Hissou 00905386195775 – E mail:

Mr. Akeed Ibrahim (Heyvasor). Telephone: 0090539672732 –

We look forward for your cooperation and support

Kind regards

Salih Muslim Muhammad

Co-chair for PYD

6 August 2014



65 civil society organisations from South Kurdistan sign appeal for Kobane

Kurdish Civil Society Call for Urgent Action on Kobane


July 21, 2014

To: His Excellency Ban Ki –Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

CC: Presidents of the permanent member states of the Security Council of the United Nations

  • President of the People’s Republic of China, President Xi Jinping
  • President of the Republic of France, President François Hollande
  • President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama
  • President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Prime Minister David Cameron

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PYD: Stand with us against ISIS

PYD Statement, 8.7.14

Statement to the Public Opinion
Since the ISIS took over Iraqs second largest city Mosul, seizing heavy weaponry in the process, it quickly turned its attention to western Kurdistan (northern Syria). ISIS has increased its attacks against our Self-Administration areas dramatically, using all kinds of criminal and barbaric methods. The recent attacks have mostly been in the Kobane canton, on the western countryside, including the villages Zormagar, Al-Bouaz, Dekerman and Al-Byada. Countless civilians, including women and children have been displaced as a result of their terrorist activities.
The ISIS does not recognize any code of conduct and has violated all international standards systematically. Once again our people, the Kurds, are facing mass killings and crimes against humanity with the tacit agreement of the international community!
ISIS has openly proclaimed that they are intending on altering the demography of the region. With their ruthless methods they have thrown the whole region into an uncertain and dangerous future. Continue reading “PYD: Stand with us against ISIS”

KNK: “A widely planned massacre against the people in Kobane is feared imminent”

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has issued a statement denouncing ISIS attacks against Kobane, Rojava, as an attack on Kurdistan by hegemonic powers who are using the group as tools.


Urgent Call to the UN, USA, the EU and all international organisations

Stop the ISIS crimes against humanity

Since the beginning of March, there have been waves of attacks of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) in the Kobanê Canton.  On July 2nd, ISIS launched a new major attack in Kobane Canton and widespread clashes are continuing. ISIS is attacking and brutally targeting all civilians regardless of age.

It is claimed that heavy weapons and artillery used by ISIS have been transported from Iraq after the invasion of Mosul in June.  It is publicly known that ISIS has transferred their heavy artillery and have shifted from Iraq to Rojava, Syria, after getting military supplies from Mosul.

Furthermore, the gangs have taken two out of three of the border crossings of Iraq and Rojava, Syria, under their control. On the other hand, the ISIS gangs are able to manoeuvre freely through the Turkish border to areas of Rojava. During the past year ISIS has been using Turkey’s borders without any serious obstacles, since the Turkish army and authorities have been turning a blind eye; ISIS has even been able to have their wounded members receive medical treatment in Turkish hospitals.

Along with the Turkish state, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some Western powers have plans and are intent on using ISIS to achieve hegemony in the Middle East region. It needs to be stressed that ISIS has become a tool in the hands of those who are seeking hegemony in the Middle East. The power sharing conflict is now focused in the Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq, but it will spread to other areas, if ISIS is able to defeat Kobane.

The Kurdish political authorities in Rojava have consistently urged the international community to take measures against those states, which support ISIS. Instead of diplomatic and political sanctions against states using ISIS to achieve their power interests, it was preferred to turn a blind eye. This political stance has only encouraged the gangs to continue to carry out crimes against humanity in Rojava, Syria and Iraq.

Now a widely planned massacre against the people in Kobane is feared imminent.

We therefore appeal again to the international community to stop immediately the attacks against Kurdistan in Kobane particular and in Rojava generally by taking concrete diplomatic, political, economic and legal measures in line with international law.

Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê
Kurdistan National Congress
Congrès National du Kurdistan





David Morgan – The Kurds

Peace in Kurdistan’s David Morgan has been featured in the latest edition of Live Encounters with a piece on the history, politics and recent development of the Kurdish struggle:


The Kurds – A resilient people with a tragic yet inspiring history – David Morgan      

The Kurds are an ancient people with distinctive heritage, traditions and language. They have lived on their historic lands for centuries alongside the other peoples of the Middle East as is reflected on old maps of the region where Kurdistan generally features. Their recent tragic history of dispossession, oppression and struggle for very survival as a people can be traced to the settlement imposed on the region in the aftermath of the First World War which saw the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the redrawing of the borders of modern states. That settlement drawn up by the victorious imperial powers denied the Kurds the right to national self-determination.[…]

Read the piece in full at Live Encounters, where it is also available for download.